Climate change

Last call from business for ambitious climate deal

  • 10 December 2015
ICC Environment and energy

With just hours remaining for UN negotiators to secure a global Climate agreement, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has issued an eleventh-hour call on behalf of its 6.5 million members, for an ambitious COP21 deal that works with business and industry.

Sending a strong signal to negotiators as they head into the final stretch of talks that could deliver the first universal climate change agreement, the statement represents an unprecedented mobilization of the global business community in support of an ambitious outcome to the COP21 talks.

“We urge governments to secure a global climate deal at COP21 that works with business to speed emissions reductions, provide enabling conditions for investment and innovation, and build climate resilience in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  In combination with a strong set of policy signals from all major nations, and in the context of open trade and investment, it will enable business and society to continue the evolution to a low-carbon, resilient economy that will generate growth, prosperity, and jobs for all,” the ICC statement said.

ICC Secretary General John Danilovich said: “COP21 has seen an unprecedented mobilization of the private sector in support of an ambitious climate accord—both in words and action. There can be no doubt that global business wants a strong an ambitious deal at COP21.”

Calling for a strong set of policy signals from all major nations, the statement reaffirms business commitments tocontinue engaging in dialogue and to ramp up public-private partnerships at the international, national, and local level to help realize a prosperous, low-carbon and resilient economy.

Mr Danilovich added: “It’s vital that the Paris agreement brings business closer to the UN climate process—ensuring that private-sector expertise can inform and support implementation of the COP21 outcomes. We call on governments to seize this opportunity to forge a deeper working relationship with business to meet the climate challenge.” 

Based on ICC’s long tradition of corporate citizenship and self-regulation, the world business organization used the call for action to urge its members to scale up climate actions and follow recommendations outlined in the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development [link].

“ICC and its members and global network stand ready to work with governments and all actors to successfully tackle climate change and promote sustainable and inclusive growth,” the statement concludes. “COP21 is an opportunity that must not be missed.”

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