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Lamy addresses ICC Executive Board

  • 19 September 2011

The Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Pascal Lamy, told the ICC Executive Board on Friday he is happy that cooperation between the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and WTO has increased in recent years.

Mr Lamy addressed the ICC Executive Board for more than an hour and then fielded questions from Board members. He covered topics including the ICC-WTO working relationship, the Doha Round of trade negotiations, and issues surrounding protectionism and trade facilitation.

The ICC-WTO partnership has taken on various forms, with recent examples including ICC policy input on the topics of Trade and Investment, Intellectual Property and Competition, ahead of the WTO Ministerial Conference 15-17 December.

The ICC Research Foundation has also provided funding over the past two years for projects carried out by WTO- International Labour Organization (ILO) – a specialized agency of the United Nations – research teams. One such project is the WTO-ILO publication, being launched Tuesday 20 September, Making Globalization Socially Sustainable.