International arbitration conference on the Arab world

  • 15 May 2007

Growth in the economies of the Arab world has been accompanied by the need for a greater understanding of arbitration. Traditionally, arbitration has been seen as a last resort once all communication between parties has broken down.

An international conference on arbitration in the Arab world, jointly organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and two local organizations, Tunis Center for Conciliation and Arbitration and Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, aims to increase the understanding of the arbitration process and how it can assist business in the Arab world.

Conference participants will have an opportunity to hear experts analyze recent trends in international commercial arbitration and to become better acquainted with the practice and characteristics of arbitration in the Arab world.

The speaking panels will be composed of international experts with extensive practical and academic experience in arbitration and international legal and commercial relations.

A diverse range of subjects will be covered at the event including current trends in arbitration, the role and responsibilities of the arbitrator, arbitration and investment and the Arab world as a driving force in international commercial arbitration.

The conference will take place at the Renaissance Hotel Les Cotes de Carthage Gammarth, Tunis from 17-18 May 2007.