ICC’s Rules on Combating Corruption now in Spanish

  • 29 November 2011
ICC Publications

ICC has published a Spanish version of its Rules on Combating Corruption that delineate measures companies should take to prevent corruption, including strong measures to end bribery and extortion.

The ICC Rules on Combating Corruption provide a global standard for the private sector and respond directly to the G20’s call to the private sector and to the United Nations Convention against Corruption’s requirement that business steps up its efforts to fight against corruption.

The Spanish version of the ICC Rules provide a practical tool to help the fight against corruption in Spanish speaking countries and will make it easier for businesses in those countries to implement an anti-corruption programme.

The translation of the rules was undertaken by ICC Mexico, ICC’s representative in the country.

“The publication of a Spanish edition of the Rules demonstrates ICC Mexico’s commitment to helping business fight corruption,” said Yesica Gonzalez Perez, Secretary General of ICC Mexico.

Pointing out that G20 efforts to stabilize the economy and stimulate economic growth, trade and employment must address the drain on the economy caused by corruption, Jean-Guy Carrier, ICC Secretary General said: “Corruption is a real threat to the integrity of markets, especially at a time when confidence and stability are most needed. Stamping out corruption will stimulate job creation, boost business confidence and open doors for emerging markets to attract foreign direct investment.”

ICC was the first organization representing world business to issue anti-corruption rules. The first edition, launched in 1977, laid the cornerstone for ICC’s pioneer role of championing business self-regulation to combat corruption.

Produced by the ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption, the rules are available as part of a suite of pragmatic ICC tools to help business drive integrity in business transactions. The commission continues to develop such tools that provide guidance on a range of related issues including gifts and hospitality, and solicitation in public procurement.

They include:

Download a PDF copy of the ICC Rules on Combating Corruption in English

Download a PDF copy of the ICC Rules on Combating Corruption in Spanish

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For more information please visit the ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption