ICC’s new task force on Green Economy announces Chairperson

  • 16 July 2010

ICC’s new task force on Green Economy, which is under the auspices of the ICC Environment and Energy Commission, has named Martina Bianchini as chairperson.

Ms Bianchini, Vice President of EU Government Affairs & Public Policy for Dow, has been deeply involved in shaping an enabling policy framework for sustainable development. She is an expert in various policy areas including chemicals and health, sustainable chemistry, and sustainable production and consumption.

“The ICC Green Economy Task Force provides an excellent opportunity to develop global business positions on key sustainability issues as well as showcase business actions to accelerate the transition to better products, more innovative business models and lead markets for sustainability,” stated Ms Bianchini.

“There is a need to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation.  Many businesses are leading the way,” said Jean Rozwadowski, ICC Secretary General. “The task force will deliver views and expertise for business to find durable opportunities for green growth and development.”

Under the leadership of Ms Bianchini the Green Economy Task Force will play a critical role in ICC preparations and engagement towards the 2012 Rio plus 20 Earth Summit as well as the G20 intergovernmental process.