ICC World Chambers Federation launches 2013 International Certificates of Origin Survey

  • 4 February 2013
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The ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) has launched a new survey to get a global picture of how Chambers of Commerce are issuing millions of Certificates of Origin (COs) used by exporters every year.

The 2013 International Certificates of Origin Survey, and the global map of CO activities it will provide, are part of WCF’s drive to harmonize the hugely varied CO issuing procedures of Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

Until the launch of the International CO Survey in 2003, there had been no global tracking undertaken to understand the volume, scope and critical issues for organizations undertaking CO issuance.

The survey is important for mapping and monitoring trends and issues, and helping WCF in its advocacy work and assistance to chambers.

“We’re encouraging all chambers of commerce to take part in this brief CO survey. The stronger the data, the better we can promote best practice in CO delivery. And the better we can reinforce chambers’ credibility as trusted, competent third parties in issuing certificates of origin,” said Anthony Parkes, Director of ICC WCF.

CO standards are reassuring for world trade

Last year, ICC WCF launched its International Certificates of Origin Accreditation Chain, with an easily recognizable international quality label, to reassure business, traders, banks and customs administrations that participating chambers have issued COs according to internationally accepted best practices.

Another contribution to harmonization is WCF’s International Certificate of Origin Guidelines, a free copy of which will be awarded to one participant of the current survey.

All chambers of commerce are invited to take the survey

Accessible online from 4 February to 30 April, the survey takes only a few minutes to complete and is adaptable to all chambers, whatever their CO-issuing activities. All responses will be kept confidential.