ICC to host first Symposium on Trade Facilitation

  • 22 March 2012
ICC Certificate of Origin

ICC is to hold its first Symposium on Trade Facilitation in Mexico City, on 13-14 June 2012. The dialogue, between customs agencies and business, will be a unique opportunity for each party to exchange perspectives on current international trade issues.

Esteemed speakers and high-seated officials, from customs agencies throughout Latin America, will speak on policies to help shape customs rules and improve trade facilitation.

The symposium, organized by the ICC Committee on Customs and Trade Regulations, aims to harmonize international trade procedures and will be a unique opportunity for people of different cultures to come together and discuss trade facilitation issues.

Anthony Barone, Chair of the Committee said: “Global trade has changed in the 90 years since ICC was founded. In those days arriving ships carried with them the documents needed to clear goods through customs. Today it’s all about manufacturing ecosystems and widely disseminated value chains. This symposium is about the new realities and how governments can modernize to accommodate the globalized world.”

With input from world renowned customs experts, the meeting will provide a chance for businesses and other organizations to make recommendations based on the examination of international trade practices and procedures currently in place.
Open to all, the symposium will be of particular benefit to anyone with an interest in trade facilitation, including national government agencies and officials, and business professionals. The conference will touch upon several prevailing themes relating to trade facilitation, including globally networked customs, conflicts between tax and customs valuations, problems pertaining to free trade agreements, global supply chains and emerging market issues.

The ICC Trade Facilitation Symposium guarantees to offer a captivating debate, highlighting the multitude of current customs and trade issues affecting the global business outlook.