ICC to hold conference on data protection and processing

  • 17 April 2008

ICC and its Task Force on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data will host a conference entitled “A Global Perspective on Data Protection and Processing” on 28 May in Paris.

The conference will bring together an international mix of companies, regulators, data protection authorities and legal experts to trade experience on the complex global issues surrounding data protection and processing and offer insight for privacy officers, corporate counsel, and policymakers.

For example, if a company sources its data processing to India and its data storage to a company in Japan, what issues arise and what process does the company need to follow to ensure compliance with relevant laws? If the company is European and it acquires a non-EU company, what are the implications of centralizing the personnel or customer files in India? What should a company do if it is ordered by a court in one jurisdiction to transfer across national borders employee data that is protected by privacy law?

The conference will feature two panels that will examine case studies in the areas of international data transfers and global sourcing, and current EU data protection issues. It will also include an update on recent privacy developments around the world and will conclude with a panel of high-level regulators and experts considering the future of data protection regulation in a networked world.

“Data protection is an important issue for companies operating across borders. ICC has been one of the most active advocates for offering practical tools to business and regulators to facilitate data protection compliance, while ensuring the protection of personal data,” said ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban, who will open the conference.

“ICC is uniquely placed to bring together key players from around the world to ensure a rich exchange of different viewpoints and experience from different regions,” said Christopher Kuner, Chair of the ICC Task Force on Privacy and the Protection of Personal Data, which leads ICC’s work on these issues. “We’ve attracted a high calibre of panelists and have an interactive format to encourage participants to get the most from what promises to be a valuable discussion.”

Speakers include:
Peter Cullen, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing and Chief Strategist, Microsoft
Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor, European Commission
Harriet Pearson, Vice President, Regulatory Policy and Chief Privacy Officer, IBM Corporation
David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner, Information Commissioner’s Office, United Kingdom
Jennifer Stoddart, Federal Privacy Commissioner of Canada