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ICC takes part in UN hearings on Financing for Development

  • 27 June 2008

ICC participated in hearings on the review of the Monterrey Consensus on Financing for Development on 18 June at the UN headquarters in New York.

The hearings were organized in preparation for the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus to be held in Doha, Qatar, from 29 November to 2 December 2008.

ICC’s presentation provided a world business perspective on the key contribution made by cross-border trade and investment to development financing, over the period since the Monterrey Consensus was adopted in 2002. The presentation also considered the implications of recent economic, trade and investment policy developments for the review process.

The presentation was delivered by Joe Gavin, Vice President for Trade and Customs at ICC’s American affiliate, the United States Council for International Business.

Mr Gavin is a longstanding member of ICC’s Commission on Trade and Investment Policy, ICC’s main working body on international trade and investment policy issues.