ICC to support DRBF 14th Annual International Conference

  • 8 April 2014
ICC Management

The ICC is a supporting organisation of the DRBF 14th Annual International Conference to be held in Singapore on 16 and 17 May 2014.

Dispute Boards (DBs) are standing dispute resolution panels which are recognized worldwide for their effectiveness in the real time avoidance and resolution of disputes on major projects. Embraced by government agencies, private owners and multilateral development banks, DBs ensure project success through significant decreases in costs and time overruns. ICC offers a own set of Dispute Board Rules which are used worldwide for the set up and conduct of Dispute Boards. More information on the ICC Dispute Board Rules and ICC’s services in this regard can be found here.

The DRBF offers an annual International Conference which attracts the top Dispute Board practitioners, employers, funding institutions, contractors, legal professionals and consultants all active in alternative dispute resolution. Hosted for the first time in Asia, in Singapore, the conference offers both training workshops and engaging conference presentations.

Day one offers full-day interactive training, with an introductory level workshop for those new to the process, and an advanced level workshop for experienced Dispute Board practitioners. The two-day conference features engaging presentations and lively panel discussions about the latest developments and issues facing the alternative dispute resolution community worldwide. Case studies, insight from the international financing institutions, and cost benefit analysis will be presented, along with insight on the future prospects for expanding the Dispute Board process in Southeastern Asia and beyond. Visit for more information.