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ICC seminar to help marketers keep up with new legal and self-regulatory developments

  • 7 May 2012
ICC Events

Marketers and corporate counsel are invited to meet rules-writers and enforcers to find out if they are ‘consumer savvy’ at a half-day conference on how to navigate the changing landscape of advertising and marketing regulations.

Organized by the ICC Commission on Advertising and Marketing, the seminar “Consumer Savvy Marketing: understanding and respecting consumers using self-regulation” will take place in New York City on 7 June, 2012. ICC, whose marketing and advertising self-regulatory rules form the basis for most countries’ national codes, will bring together global and local experts to examine such issues as privacy, data protection and child-directed advertising, as marketing continues to migrate online. Panel discussions will explain how companies, marketers, agencies and media should ensure their campaigns are being conducted responsibly in light of the changing laws and not lead to backlash from consumers, regulators or self-regulatory bodies. Participants will have a chance to hear from and meet speakers from the Federal Trade Commission, the US, EU and international self-regulatory community, as well as senior executives from global corporations, such as Disney, Microsoft and AT&T, Google and News Corporation who deal with these issues on a national and international scale. “Today it is as likely that marketers will reach their customers through the Internet and mobile phones as it is through traditional media,” said Brent Sanders, ICC Marketing and Advertising Commission Chair and Associate General Counsel for Microsoft. “Not surprisingly, the legal landscape has changed as well, and developments inside and outside the US continue to affect the options open to global companies,” Mr Sanders added. “Marketers, agencies and their counsel need to stay aware of legal and self-regulatory parameters for local and cross-border considerations.” Legal directors and corporate counsel advising on advertising regulatory issues, company privacy officers, corporate managers handling US and global marketing campaigns, business consultants and counsel from law firms, as well as government regulators dealing with privacy issues, are all invited to attend. For more information on the activities of the Marketing and Advertising Commission and future events, please subscribe – freeof charge – to our newsletter by sending an email. Find out more about sponsorship opportunities for companies with global reach, law firms with international presence, and international organizations seeking to associate themselves with the conference.