ICC Research Foundation and ICC

  • 1 February 2011

The Chairman of ICC, Victor K. Fung, has described the ICC Research Foundation as the development laboratory for issues of concern to ICC and its National Committees around the world.

The chief aim of the Foundation is to support research which provides useful data, analysis and policy options which can be of use to ICC members in addressing issues of common concern, including global trade, trade finance, employment, climate change.

The on-going consultation between ICC and the Foundation included a meeting with about 50 representatives of ICC National Committees at ICC in Paris on 18 February, 2010. The Foundation’s Director of Programmes, Jean-Guy Carrier, provided information on the current programme of research projects being supported by the Foundation. National Committees were invited to provide input on the current programme and to propose other areas of research. Mr Carrier said the Foundation will include National Committees in the distribution of research results from its projects in the hope the data and analysis they include will be useful in their work, especially in terms of supporting their advocacy of policy options.

The representatives of National Committees asked to be kept informed of new developments on a regular basis, and to be consulted on future projects in the interest of avoiding duplication of research effort.

Research programme 2009

The initial results of the research projects supported by the Foundation in 2009 were presented at a CEO Forum in New Delhi in December, 2009. Further news about these initial projects will be the subject of future newsletters and will be posted on the Foundation website. Presentations and videos of the Panel sessions at the New Delhi Forum will soon be available on the Research page of the ICC Research Foundation website.

Research programme 2010

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees and International Advisory Council have selected new projects focused on trade and employment to be supported by funds from the Foundation. These projects will deliver initial results in 2010. Follow this newsletter, and the ICCRF website, for further information about progress on these news projects.

– Project 1:  Peterson Institute for International Economics – project to evaluate trade and employment policy responses of the recession which began in 2007-08.

– Project 2: World Trade Organization (WTO) – International Labour Organization (ILO) joint  project on “Making globalization socially sustainable”.