ICC publishes business guide to the G20 process

  • 28 February 2012
ICC Responsible business

Business around the world has an increasingly influential role to provide input to G20 decisions regarding economic growth, job creation and open trade and investment. But what is the G20 and what exactly does it do?

A new business guide published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) sets out to help business leaders and policymakers better understand the G20 process and identify the impact that G20 developments may have on global business.

The guide traces the origins of the G20 and explains its transformation into the world’s leading economic forum for international cooperation. It highlights the principal outcomes of the five summits that have taken place since 2008 and takes a targeted look at issues of particular interest for business. Such issues include restoring global economic growth and stability, promoting open trade and investment, reforming the financial sector, addressing the threat of climate change, fighting corruption, and closing the development gap.

“G20 leaders have already demonstrated their willingness to reach out to business and to listen to its advice. It is now up to business to make its voice heard and contribute ideas to help G20 governments achieve their objectives,” said Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman and CEO of SEB (Sweden) and Chair of the ICC G20 Advisory Group in his preface to the guide.

Written by Julian Kassum, an expert on global economic governance and one of ICC’s leading experts on the subject, the guide is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the future of the world economy and the evolving policy framework for today’s globalized markets.

The guide will be available in English, French and Spanish from the ICC Business Bookstore starting Monday, 27 February.

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