ICC plans seminar on transfer pricing documentation requirements and dispute resolution

  • 9 March 2010

While most transfer pricing conferences focus on methods, a unique ICC seminar will examine the practical issue of transfer pricing documentation and its role in dispute resolution.

The one-day seminar on 28 April 2010 will bring together leading government, business and tax experts to examine the current state of transfer pricing documentation, its connection to dispute resolution mechanisms, and future prospects in this area.

The seminar, titled: “Transfer Pricing Documentation and Dispute Resolution: Making or Breaking the Corporate Tax,” is particularly timely as tax compliance costs and complexities from rapidly increasing documentation requirements in dozens of countries are reaching crisis proportions.

“The often conflicting documentation requirements have become a significant challenge for international business,” remarked ICC Taxation Commission Chair Robert Couzin. “Enterprises and governments should be working together to find practical and manageable solutions.”

The seminar will examine how the documentation burden in transfer pricing has grown in volume and spread across the globe and how conflicting and cumulative requirements have become a significant challenge for international business.

The seminar will be of particular interest to tax directors and tax counsels, transfer pricing practitioners in accounting and law firms, revenue officials and tax policy officials.