ICC participated in 8th Alternative Dispute Resolution Day

  • 25 October 2013
International Court of Arbitration

On 24 October, Hannah Tümpel, Senior Counsel of the ICC International Centre for ADR, participated in the 8th Alternative Dispute Resolution Day in Munich on “Commercial Mediation in Lawyer’s Practice”.

The conference’s aim was to provide external and in-house counsel with an overview of the most relevant current questions in commercial mediation and to provide an ideal forum for participants from different companies to exchange experiences.

Discussions were held on the combination of mediation with other dispute resolution proceedings, ad-hoc versus administered mediation, and the role of lawyers in mediation proceedings

Representing the ICC International Centre for ADR, the only non-German institution at the conference, Ms Tümpel took part in the interactive panel to debate which procedural rules are best. The panel also included representatives from different mediation institutions including the European Institute for Conflict Management in Germany, the Mediation Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Munich, and the German Institute for Arbitration.

Ms Tümpel also led one of the three workshops dedicated to “Modern escalation clauses”.

For more information on mediation and ADR visit the ICC International Centre for ADR.