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ICC Palestine to start operation in Ramallah

  • 25 January 2011
ICC hearning center

A group of prominent Palestinian businessmen have begun active operations representing the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Palestine.

 The Group is working under the banner of ICC Palestine from the West Bank city of Ramallah, an open, dynamic and multicultural city which has become a business hub for the Palestinian private sector and international community, and a logical seat for the newly established ICC Palestine. ICC Palestine was formed as the result of a cooperative effort between ICC headquarters and leading Palestinian businessmen. Founding members of the ICC Palestine Group include representatives from leading business sectors in Palestine, such as banking, mining, manufacturing, investment and holding, insurance, pharmaceutical and tourism. The Chairman of ICC Palestine is Munib R. Masri, who is also Chairman of the board of PADICO Holding. The Secretary General of ICC Palestine is Hashim H. Shawa, who is also Chairman and General Manager of the Bank of Palestine.  “The creation of an ICC Group in Palestine will contribute substantially to the expansion, modernization and enhancement of Palestine’s international trade and investment horizons. As founders of ICC Palestine, we are committed to promoting an open market system, fostering international trade and investment and encouraging self-regulation by international business,” said Mr Masri. Commenting on the Group’s formation, ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier said: “ICC very much welcomes the creation of a national group in Palestine which will encourage the development of trade and investment in the region.” “Opening an ICC Chapter in Palestine will help attract international businesses to invest in Palestine and trade with Palestinian firms. ICC’s presence in Palestine will fulfill a key objective, where better governance is being implemented towards a more business-conducive environment in Palestine both for local economic entities and foreign companies,” said Mr Shawa.