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ICC mobilizes for Bali climate change meeting

  • 15 November 2007

ICC’s Commission on Environment and Energy met in Monte Carlo last week to finalize preparations before the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bali next month. Prince Albert II of Monaco attended the gathering, which was hosted by ICC Monaco.

During the two-day semiannual meeting, the commission completed a series of papers to be circulated in Bali on sectoral approaches, technology development, and a long-term, global framework to tackle climate change. ICC will deliver these statements to government negotiators in Bali in order to demonstrate what business is already doing to address climate change, and to call for greater dialogue between business and government.

UNFCCC meets in Bali from 3-14 December to discuss a new global framework to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Highlighting its commitment to help combat climate change, ICC will work with other business organizations in Bali to demonstrate the capacity of leading companies to provide solutions. ICC will underscore the major changes businesses have made in how they operate, introducing new processes, products and services that help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

On 10 December, ICC and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development will jointly organize a Global Business Day in Bali, bringing together 200-300 decision-makers from companies, governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations to demonstrate the capacities and commitments of leading companies and business sectors to provide solutions to the climate challenge.

At the meeting in Monaco, ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban stressed the important role ICC plays in global negotiations, and its long experience clarifying global business views.

“ICC plays a key role in gathering together businesses and associations representing various sectors around the globe to build consensus,” Mr Sebban said.

In a speech during the meeting, Prince Albert of Monaco heralded the ICC Commission on Environment and Energy as a leader in the crucial environmental negotiations taking place at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention. The Prince also cited ICC’s important work in preparing a statement for the next United Nations’ Environment Program meeting in February, and another statement for delivery to the leaders of the G8 before the annual G8 Summit next July.

ICC is “an essential link between local and international players,” Prince Albert said.

The Principality of Monaco is committed to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2020, compared to 1990, which will involve a 20% reduction in energy consumption, compared to 2006, and require 20% of energy consumed to come from renewable energy sources located in the Principality. The Junior Chamber of Commerce of Monaco has established a code of conduct to prompt companies and institutions to adopt sustainable practices. Monegasque Gas & Electric Company recently became a member of ICC’s Commission on Environment and Energy.

“It is our duty to grasp the exceptional opportunity provided to pool efforts from all sectors and all regions in the service of a global approach to sustainable development,” Prince Albert said. Last year, the Prince set up the Albert II Foundation, which focuses on climate change, biodiversity and access to clean drinking water.

Other highlights at the meeting included a presentation by Ignacio Campino from Deutsche Telekom that discussed decoupling energy consumption from CO2 emissions and a presentation by Daniel Basurto from ICC Mexico, who provided an overview of Mexican views on climate change.