Marketing & advertising

ICC Mexico event spotlights self-regulation in advertising

  • 20 November 2007

As rapidly developing technology and seismic shifts in the media world transform marketing and advertising, self-regulation has never been more important. Highlighting this point, ICC Mexico, in coordination with the Mexican Council for Self-regulation and Advertising Ethics and the United States Council for International Business, organized a forum on self-regulation in advertising on 15 November 2007 in Mexico City.

Self-regulation in the marketing and advertising sector demonstrates recognition by advertisers, agencies and the media that advertising should comply with a set of ethical rules. The event in Mexico included discussion of new practices in commercial communication and how self-regulatory instruments can be used for the benefit of all stakeholders. Speakers represented a range of different viewpoints including consumers, business and regulators. They discussed self-regulation in the context of globalization and social responsibility, as well as from a legal point of view. Speakers also addressed the timely issues of self-regulation of electronic media and advertising to children.

On the same day, millions of advertising professionals gained access to the Consolidated ICC Code on Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice in Spanish. Launched in English in September 2006, the ICC Consolidated Code is the global standard used by the marketing and advertising industry and self regulatory bodies.

John Manfredi, Chair of the ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising and co-author of the ICC Consolidated Code, attended the event. He lauded the efforts of ICC Mexico and others in raising awareness of the ICC Code and self-regulation and encouraged more to follow. “Ensuring self-regulation serves everyone’s interest depends on industry, consumers, and regulators being well-informed on how it works and apprised of the resources available to them,” he said.

Mr Manfredi also praised the efforts of other ICC national committees who have translated the ICC Code and hosted similar educational activities to promote its use and implementation. In addition to the English version, the Consolidated ICC Code on Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice is currently available in French, Russian, Serbian, Swedish and Turkish, with more translations expected in the near future.