ICC Mediation presented to the French oil company Total

  • 9 April 2013
ICC Arbitration and ADR

TOTAL – Services & Marketing hosted a “Café Juridique” on Mediation.

About 30 lawyers from the branch’s legal department attended the roundtable discussion including Eric Michel, Director of the branch’s legal department and Stephen Douglas, Deputy Director. Such legal ateliers at TOTAL are generally exclusively internal. However, on this occasion, Calliope Sudborough, Deputy Manager of the ICC International Centre for ADR was also invited to present the specificities of international mediation and the role of the institution in administering such proceedings along with Thierry Titone, Partner at Fidal law firm in Paris, France, who spoke about the role of outside counsel in mediation.

In addition, two internal lawyers Marie-Gabrielle de Charnacé, Counsel, and Jorge Pérez-Vera, Senior Counsel, spoke about TOTAL’s experience in domestic and international mediation. The brief seminar lasted about two hours, including questions from the participants – and a closing query as to whether mediation should be more systematically included when drafting dispute resolution clauses in the Group’s contracts.