ICC makes recommendations on anti-dumping in Doha round negotiations

  • 7 December 2007

The International Chamber of Commerce has published recommendations on anti-dumping in the context of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations.

In a policy statement entitled Anti-dumping in the Doha Development Agenda, ICC recommends that the application of anti-dumping measures should be transparent, consistent and predictable in order to minimize the harm and costs these measures can create for business. The statement issued today underscores that this will prevent unwarranted forms of anti-dumping practice and ensure that legitimate anti-dumping measures are applied at the lowest cost to world business and in a manner that does not create any unreasonable barriers to trade.

Prepared by the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy – ICC’s lead working body on international trade and investment policy issues – the statement was issued shortly after the chair of the WTO Doha Round’s Negotiating Group on Rules, Ambassador Guillermo Valles Galmés of Uruguay, circulated to members his draft consolidated texts on anti-dumping and subsidies, and countervailing measures.

“ICC welcomes the circulation of these draft texts as a key step towards reaching consensus on this important element of the Doha round,” said Lars Anell, Chair of the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy.

The purpose of the ICC statement is to present ICC policy recommendations to member governments of the WTO on the issue of anti-dumping in the context of the Doha Development Agenda. The statement makes recommendations on improving the effectiveness of WTO rules on anti-dumping through greater transparency and balance, and by ensuring that anti-dumping measures are not unduly trade-restrictive and reflect international best practice.

ICC hopes that its statement will help WTO member governments reach consensus on how to improve WTO disciplines on anti-dumping, one of the issues under negotiation in the WTO’s ongoing Doha Development Agenda.