ICC launches new website

  • 26 June 2012
ICC Digital

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) today unveils its new web portal, which has been entirely re-built and re-designed to bring it up to date with ICC’s expansion as the world business organization.

A new era for ICC and the web

ICC, equipped with a website that can incorporate all modern web technologies to support its global mission, is now better positioned to boost its online presence. The aim of the web project has also been to present ICC’s vast and diverse range of products and services in a clear, more user-friendly way.

The result is that some 20,000 pages of previously existing information have now been streamlined and organized into eight gateways that draw the user to ICC’s various activities, such as rules-setting and advocacy for global trade, fighting commercial crime, and resources for international trade including arbitration, dispute resolution and chamber services.

“We’ve redesigned the ICC website based on new ergonomic rules for using the web,” said ICC Communications Director Mary Kelly. “People search the Internet differently than they did five years ago and they expect a lot more from their web experience. To keep up, we have integrated new technology into our website, allowing for new navigation tools and features.”

ICC also plans to increase website traffic and draw further attention to its policy advocacy work, resources and services by stepping up its profile in social media. This will allow web users not only to receive pertinent information from ICC, but also to share it by means of social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

“This was an opportunity for ICC to start looking at itself in a new way, to re-examine how others view us and to rethink how we present ourselves,” said Ms Kelly. “As an organization that has been around for nearly a century, the challenge was to modernize our website without detracting from our historical mission.”

The ICC Communications Department – which led the web project – sought a new ‘look and feel’ for the website that would be in keeping with its institutional role.

Variations of the blue from ICC’s logo were chosen for the site. Interwoven blue and white lines in the main banner represent a forward-looking organization that provides rules to support business in a world of ever-changing supply chains, trade routes and global networks.

ICC drew on the help of an external agency and a full-time web consultant for more than a year to rebuild the website, and engaged a team of five people to upload thousands of pages of content over a five-month period. A dedicated web manager will help develop and maintain the new site on a day-to-day basis.

The aim is to bring even more possibilities to ICC’s core audience, which includes companies, chambers of commerce, government officials, lawyers, experts and students.

We invite you to give us your feedback and to keep coming back to the site as we strive to continuously improve the new ICC portal.

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