ICC jointly publishes ‘Business Case against Corruption’

  • 15 July 2008

To raise awareness of how companies can better counter corruption, ICC is publishing today “Clean Business Is Good Business: The Business Case against Corruption”.

ICC has teamed up with Transparency International, the United Nations Global Compact, and the World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative in the publication of this invaluable guide.

Corruption is not only the biggest obstacle to development and economic growth, but also a major risk to companies, as recent stories in the press have demonstrated.

Many corporate leaders today have assumed responsibility and implemented effective programmes to address the issue within their own organizations, and in collaboration with others.

The joint publication by these four major anti-corruption initiatives, which are working with the private sector to effectively address the issue, provides the first of its kind summary on why companies must take a stance, and how they can do so.

“Clean Business Is Good Business” is a three-page brochure that outlines why companies and corporate practitioners should actively engage in the fight against corruption.

The document offers a short summary of key arguments, plus background on international law, an overview of sectors and countries most prone to the issue, and the business rationale for addressing corruption.

ICC has developed an array of practical tools to help business address corruption, including its recently-published guidelines to whistleblowing.