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ICC joins business, development, and humanitarian partners to launch Private Sector for Refugees web portal

  • 27 October 2020
Private Sector For Refugees

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has launched the Private Sector for Refugees (PS4R) web portal to showcase public-private sector collaborations that integrate refugees into the global economy.

In collaboration with the European Investment Bank, Danish Industri, the World Bank Group, and the United Nations Refugee Agency, the PS4R web portal will share global lessons on the role of the private sector in supporting the economic integration of refugees.

The web portal will share initiatives and-experiences by civil society, companies, business associations, as well as national and international development institutions on the role of the private sector in facilitating the economic integration of refugees.

“In the current health and economic crisis, we must not forget the needs of the most vulnerable — especially refugees and migrants — and leave no one behind,” said ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO. “We are proud of our global network’s commitment to support the health and economic needs of refugees through pioneering projects and initiatives. The PS4R web portal will open doors for our network to engage in knowledge sharing and collaborate on the ground with like-minded partners to make business work for all.”

Visitors to the web portal will also be able to access the PS4R Charter of Good Practice on the Role of the Private Sector in Economic Integration of Refugees, a reference document that provides guidance on the role of the private sector in supporting the economic integration of refugees. The charter outlines twenty principles related to the economic integration of refugees, including entrepreneurship, investment, employment, and products and services. These principles are based upon discussions among experts that participated in a global forum held by PS4R partners in June 2019.

The PS4R partners will convene on 10 November on the occasion of a virtual knowledge event hosted by ICC to deepen the dialogue on how the private sector is adapting its work with respect to refugees in the context of Covid-19.

The launch of the web portal comes as ICC and partners prepare to showcase PS4R as part of the Paris Peace Forum, which will take place from 11-13 November. After considering more than 850 applications, the selection committee selected PS4R as one of 100 projects to be showcased at this year’s edition of the Paris Peace Forum.

Visit the PS4R web portal now.