ICC holds Internet security workshop at Internet Governance Forum

  • 13 November 2007

The International Chamber of Commerce, through its initiative Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS), today co-sponsored a workshop on how to improve Internet security with the Oxford Internet Institute at the 2nd Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro.

With a special emphasis on authentication at the transaction level, the workshop outlined key activities and progress on technical solutions, policy recommendations, capacity building and best practices.

The diverse range of participant perspectives and the interactive aspects of the workshop ensured a balanced dialogue.

“Authentication and ID management are important to every online transaction today and will only be gaining in importance as Internet transactions of all types continue to evolve,” said Tom Dailey, General Counsel of Verizon Online, who moderated the session. “The authentication issues transcend all consumer and business transactions as well as government needs for security and identification management.”

Issues explored during the workshop included:

In his remarks at the workshop, ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban emphasized the importance of security issues. “Security is a fundamental issue for all of us − security of the networks and security of information. These issues are critical to business as increasingly, companies’ information assets are equal to their financial assets. Security aspects are present in everything any person and any organization undertake in the information society.”

The panellists at the workshop were Caspar Bowden, Chief Privacy Advisor EMEA, Microsoft, United Kingdom; Simon Davies, Founder & Director, Privacy International; Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics, United Kingdom; and Dr Gulshan Rai, Executive Director, ERNET.