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ICC Global debate puts spotlight on the future of trade

  • 14 March 2016
World Trade Agenda

ICC’s third global debate took place today as members of the ICC Executive Board gathered in The Hague ahead of their first leadership meeting of 2016.

Bringing together representatives from the business world, government, academia and featuring young entrepreneurs, the debate saw dynamic discussion on the current state of the global economy and the future of international trade.

Below we bring you are our top five quotes from the day…

Harold MCGRAW III, Chairman, ICC

21 million extra jobs can be gained by ratifying and implementing the World Trade Organization’s trade facilitation agreement. Let’s do it!

Hans de Boer, President, VNO-NCW (The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers)

How can we profit from this digital revolution…while also ensuring that the benefits are widely shared?

Rob de Wijk, Director, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

We are seeing the rise of geo-economics 2.0. What brought us together is driving us apart. Taxes on the interconnectedness of the global economy have become the new norm.

John Danilovich, ICC Secretary General

It is vital that policies to make trade easier are shaped by the daily realities of international commerce.

Ana Hinojosa, Director, Compliance and Facilitation, WCO

Digital Customs is the way to go. Digitization of customs drives higher levels of integrity and regulatory coordination.

Daniel Cotti, Chairman, Bolero International

The Holy Grail to make trade easier is interoperability…the ability to exchange information seamlessly. ICC can play a crucial role here.