Climate change

ICC convenes special session on climate change

  • 27 January 2009

The 14th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP14) in December 2008 signalled a shift into full negotiation mode towards a post-2012 framework agreement on climate change, scheduled to be concluded in Copenhagen in December 2009.

To meet this challenge, ICC’s Commission on Environment and Energy convened a special session in Paris on Thursday, bringing together business experts from all over the world to set a comprehensive action plan to provide input to UNFCCC government negotiators

Building on its active engagement at COP14 in the Poznan Business Day, daily business briefings, as well as in various other events, ICC will lead business engagement on the “Road to Copenhagen” to address the climate change challenge.

“Recent events have highlighted the importance of international cooperation,” said Guy Sebban, ICC Secretary General, as he opened the meeting. “The world economy is interdependent and in order to tackle major challenges, like climate change, which transcend national boundaries, international cooperation is vital. There is an urgency to act and the financial and economic crisis provides opportunities for sound action,” continued Mr Sebban.

ICC stressed the need for a post-2012 framework which will, with markets and open rules-based trade and investment frameworks, ensure that much needed technological and financial resources are widely developed.

Laurent Corbier, Chairman of the ICC Commission on Environment and Energy, highlighted the importance of business engagement with government negotiators in this crucial year: “As the business and industry focal point for UNFCCC negotiations, ICC will be ready to contribute views and insights needed to help achieve a successful and comprehensive agreement in Copenhagen”.