ICC conference to explore dispute resolution in aeronautics with top arbitrators and industry leaders

  • 21 October 2014
ICC Customs and Taxation

Leading arbitrators and aeronautics professionals are to gather at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) conference to share expertise on resolving complex disputes in the aeronautics sector.

Attended by the world’s most prominent aeronautics companies, the event will take place on 4-5 December at ICC global headquarters in Paris, under the auspices of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

The conference sessions will answer pertinent questions for aeronautics constructors, engineers, operators, lawyers, financiers and insurers involved in dispute resolution worldwide.

Mads Bondergaard, Head of Legal Affairs Litigation and Regulatory, Airbus, said: “This ICC event for dispute resolution in aeronautics is a valuable meeting of minds from law and industry. The aeronautics sector, which deals with complex contractual frameworks, particularly benefits from these specialist discussions at a global level.”

The event will feature a debate among others on ‘The impact of the financial crisis on aviation markets and the repercussions on dispute resolution’, in a session moderated by Jason Fry, Partner at Clifford Chance, former Secretary General of ICC International Court of Arbitration. Offering their own advice, the panel will investigate the consequences of bankruptcy and debt buying, the role of governments, supply chain risk management, and the appearance of new airlines and constructors.

Speakers highly experienced in law, insurance and air transport will tackle common sources of disputes in aeronautics, and propose the most effective ways to resolve them. A wide range of disputes will come under the spotlight, including those linked to the contractual framework, risk management, aircraft financing, aircraft marketing, technology transfers, spare parts and other technical questions, and passenger transportation.

Fellow panel speaker Jose Serrador Neto, External Relations Director for the Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer, added: “The ICC conference is a rare opportunity for colleagues in the aeronautics industry to share their international experiences, and analyze latest developments with some of the best legal experts in the sector.”

Procedural constraints to the resolution of disputes will also be investigated in a session addressing complex and sensitive issues such as secret-defense, ITAR (dual-use technologies) and control of exports, from economic sanctions to authorizations in military matters.

Interested participants are encouraged to register soon for the ICC conference on Dispute resolution in aeronautics, as places are already being allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.