ICC China launches Digital Economy Commission

  • 25 May 2016
ICC digital growth

The inaugural meeting of ICC China’s Commission on Digital Economy welcomed 150 delegates from more than 90 companies and research institutes to discuss trade policy topics relating to telecommunications, Internet and e-commerce. The timely establishment of this commission will gather and convey the perspective of Chinese business into the work of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) global Commission on the Digital Economy.

ICC China, the national committee for ICC, designated the following commission officers at the launch meeting:

ICC China Commission on Digital Economy Chair: Zhen Caiji, Chairman and President of Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group

Executive chair: Xue Qun, President of Datang Telecom International


Shi Dongwei, Vice-President of Alibaba Group

Jiang Yang, Vice-President of Tencent Holdings Limited,

Wang Zhe, Vice-President of Suning Commerce Group,

Zou Mingda, Vice-President of Asiainfo,

Wang Tiantian, Vice-President of DHgate’s Business & Operations and

Dou Zhongzhao, Technical Director of Strategic Project Operation of China Telecom Global Limited.

Chair of the global ICC Commission on the Digital Economy Joseph Alhadeff of Oracle conveyed his congratulations and confidence in the prospects of the commission given the impressive leadership team it had attracted. In a video address he said: “I look forward to a long, constructive and mutually beneficial collaboration that supports innovation, new technologies and emerging business models through enhanced and effective government-private sector consultations that inform forward-looking policy development to support economic growth, job creation and enhanced societal benefit.”

Mr Alhadeff also said that the establishment of ICC China’s Digital Economy Commission was very timely adding that it had never been more relevant or valuable for business worldwide and the global economy to have aligned policy and practical tools that encourage competition and growth, as well as a stable, secure and open flow of information for trade via the Internet and information and communication technologies (ICTs).

ICC Commission on the Digital Economy

The global ICC Commission on the Digital Economy is made up of experts appointed from companies across ICC’s extensive membership and 90 national committees. It develops policy positions on topics spanning the Internet and telecoms, privacy and data protection, security and digital trade from the perspective of international business and with the aim of fostering cross border trade. It undertakes this work on behalf of users, providers and operators of information technology.