Centre of Entrepreneurship

ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship opens hub in Jakarta to support local innovation in the Asia-Pacific region

  • 25 October 2021

ICC has announced the creation of the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship Jakarta to equip entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region with the tools and skills to grow their businesses.

In partnership with ICC Indonesia, the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship Jakarta will work with various stakeholders, including businesses, chambers of commerce, local chamber of commerce, academic institutions, international corporation, intergovernmental and governmental agencies, to connect local entrepreneurs to global markets. The Centre of Entrepreneurship Jakarta will mentor local start-ups, educate young entrepreneurs, and provide small businesses with resources to digitise and expand their operations.

Based in Jakarta, the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship will be uniquely placed to support Indonesia’s community of 64 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and growing start-up ecosystem. Despite the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia remains Southeast Asia’s largest economy with the World Bank estimating that the country’s GDP is expected to grow as much as 5% in 2022. Given Indonesia’s economic importance, the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship Asia-Pacific Hub will play a critical role in supporting local innovation and preparing the next generation of business leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Selamat siang! We are extremely pleased to be joining ICC Indonesia to launch the latest ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Jakarta,” said John W.H. Denton AO. Over the past two decades, Indonesia’s economy has expanded to become the largest in Southeast Asia and one of the most important marketplaces for digital technology and innovation. With new start-ups springing up across the country everyday, we believe that the ICC Centre of  Entrepreneurship Jakarta will be a vital resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners as they expand their ideas and ambitions.”

Since 2020, ICC has launched several regional hubs of the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship to provide specialised training, mentoring and support services to help entrepreneurs establish, fund, manage and expand their start-ups. The first regional ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship was launched in Istanbul in early 2020 to serve the Central Asia and Caucus region and was followed in October 2020 by another regional hub in Beirut to serve the Arab region.

Last month, ICC launched the ICC-ECA Centre of Entrepreneurship to serve the Africa. Earlier this month, ICC launched the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs in the southern cone of Latin America.