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ICC calls for more effective investment conditions at UN climate talks

  • 26 November 2012
ICC sustainable cities

Global business has a strong presence at the 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha, Qatar and hopes that additional momentum will be created to move forward on a new global climate deal.

From 26 November to 7 December, governments from around the world are gathering for the next round of climate talks, where negotiators are seeking to agree a second phase of the Kyoto Protocol and lay the groundwork for a post-2020 agreement.

“In Doha, governments have an opportunity to work together to put aside paralyzing strategies and take bolder steps to foster an international environment more conducive to a true collaboration on climate action,” said the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier. “Business stands ready for constructive engagement in Doha and beyond, recognizing that governments alone cannot tackle challenges associated with climate change and global sustainability, and the private sector as investor and innovator is more crucial than ever.”

In its unique role as the world business organization, ICC forges closer cooperation between governments and business and strives to ensure that governments create an enabling framework for business to continue shaping and implementing practical climate change solutions.

“Although policy-makers have struggled to agree on a strong climate agreement, business pioneers have continued to invent climate-resilient products and services which are economic success cases. Global markets have witnessed growth in portfolios that include, amongst others, renewables, new mobility solutions and energy efficient buildings,” said Kersten-Karl Barth, Sustainability Director at Siemens AG, and the new Chair of ICC’s Commission on Environment and Energy. “But more can and needs to be done. A global agreement is critical to give more certainty to businesses to scale up investments, innovation, and technologies at the necessary speed to build low-emission societies of the 21st century.”

ICC is a long-standing partner of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and participates as an observer in the Climate Investment Funds. In addition, ICC also works closely with senior government officials on cross-cutting environmental issues at the G20 and other intergovernmental fora.

ICC will host and engage in a range of events in Doha (see below calendar). The ICC Secretary General, global business leaders and members of the ICC Environment and Energy Commission, and the ICC Taxation Commission will be participating in the conference to present business views.

During the Conference, ICC will promote the ICC Green Economy Roadmap – a guide for business, policy-makers and society and it will launch its latest policy statement entitled: ICC Environmental Taxation Principles – Fiscal instruments and environmental policy-making

The ICC Green Economy Roadmap sets out 10 conditions needed to drive growth and calls for innovation, collaboration and governance. It serves as both a tool for integrating sustainability into business strategies and government policies as well as a platform to share and scale-up best practices and initiate new activities.

Download the ICC Green Economy Roadmap

Download ICC Environmental taxation principles

COP 18 events

26 November – 7 December

2012 (except 2 December)

Daily Briefings for Business and Industry

Exchange of news and discussion of latest developments in the negotiations and other events at the conference

9-10am, BINGO room, Qatar National Convention Centre

29 November 2012Women working in energy – networking and panel discussion:
Hawthorn Club with ICC as supporting partner
1-2.30 pm, BINGO room, Qatar National Convention Centre
Keynote speaker: Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC


  • Jeanne Ng, Director, Group Environmental Affairs, China Light & Power
  • Mandy Rambharo, Senior Manager: Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Eskom
  • Tanya Morrison, International Government Relations Manager for Energy and Climate, Shell
  • Rouda Al Otaiba, Government, Head of the IRENA Section, Directorate and Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
  • Andrea Bacher, executive in charge of environment and energy, ICC
29 November 2012ICC/IETA joint panel: Financial instruments for green growth
Diplomatic Club
30 November 2012ICC side event: Scaling up investments for a low-carbon society
1-2.30 pm, BINGO room, Qatar National Convention CentrePanellists:

  • Jens Dinkel, Vice President stakeholder engagement, Siemens (moderator)
  • Jake Colvin, Vice President for Global Trade Issues, National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC)
  • Giles Dickson, Vice President, Environmental Policies & Global Advocacy
  • Vincent Mazauric, Principal Scientist, Schneider Electric
  • Alan Miller, climate change expert, IFC
  • Josphat Muzilikazi, Chief Executive, Zimbabwe’s Renewable Energy Agency
  • Andrew Petersen, CEO, Sustainable Business Australia
1 – 2 December 2012World Climate Summit (WCS) 2012
ICC supporting as institutional partnerRitz-Carlton Hotel
2 December 2012ICC/WBCSD Global Business Day Networking Reception
6-8 pm, Diplomatic Club
3 December 2012ICC/WBCSD Global Business Day
Diplomatic ClubFull day
5 December 2012ICC official side event co-organized with Government of Germany, ECLAC, RTCC: Role of fiscal instruments in environmental policy-making
6.30-8 pm, Side Event Room 4, Qatar National Convention CentrePanellists:

  • Kersten-Karl Barth, Siemens / Chair ICC Commission on Environment and Energy (moderator)
  • Luis Miguel Galindo, Chief of the Climate Change Unit, Sustainable Development Division, ECLAC
  • Tom Heller, Executive Director, Climate Policy Initiative (tbc)
  • Remy Rowhani, CEO ICC Qatar; Director General QCCI – tbcR Raghavan Seetharaman, Chief Executive, Doha Bank (tbc)
  • Anna Theeuwes, Tax Policy Expert, Shell