ATA Carnet

ICC calls for implementation of ATA Carnet system in the Philippines

  • 18 September 2009

ICC has called for the early implementation of the ATA Carnet system in the Philippines during a workshop in Manila on 26-27 August 2009.

The workshop, conducted by Mrs Lee Ju Song, ICC Asia Director, organized in collaboration with the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), sought to educate representatives from the Bureau of Customs of the Philippines (BOC), Bureau of Export Trade Promotion, the Philippines financial industry and PCCI on the benefits of the ATA system for both public and private sectors.

The ATA Carnet – also known as the “passport for goods”, “passport to international trade” – is an international customs document issued by a network of authorized chambers of commerce and similar business organizations to facilitate the duty, tax and hassle-free temporary admission of goods into one or more of the 66 countries currently members of the ATA International Guarantee Chain managed by ICC.

In his opening remarks to the workshop, Edgardo Lacson, PCCI President, informed participants that PCCI hopes with the ATA Carnet to help businesses in the Philippines showcase their products overseas and assist in the recovery of the battered export industry.

The Honourable Napoleon Morales, Commissioner of Customs of the Philippines, told participants that the implementation of the ATA Carnet System will enhance customs procedures in the Philippines.

Mrs Lee urged early implementation of the ATA Carnet System as it will help speed up the internationalization of trade and customs procedures in the Philippines.  The ATA Carnet is the most successful example of co-operation and trust built over the years between the public and private sectors.  Its early implementation will also help the Philippines create a more conducive business environment, said Mrs Lee at the workshop.

The joint workshop is part of an ongoing collaboration between ICC and CACCI to help the growing business community in Asia successfully develop their export markets.

The two-day workshop concluded with the endorsement of the PCCI and the BOC for an early implementation of the ATA Carnet System in the Philippines. It was also agreed that it would be implemented in phases, starting with a pilot Bilateral Carnet System to be implemented this year, between the Philippines and Taiwan.