ICC calls for free market in mobile telecommunications

  • 12 January 2005

ICC Secretary General Maria Livanos Cattaui today stressed the importance of allowing market forces to drive the progress of global wireless communications and urged business leaders to maximize the use of wireless technology to communicate, innovate and change the way they do business.

Speaking to more than 300 business leaders at the 3G Mobile World Forum in Tokyo, the mobile telecommunications industry’s largest and most important forum, Mrs Cattaui delivered a message on behalf of companies worldwide.

“Advanced wireless platforms such as 3G are an essential building block to achieve the goals of an information society in terms of consumer demand, productivity, competitiveness and job creation”, Mrs Cattaui said. “This sector is best served by letting the market drive the process ahead, though public authorities can contribute to confidence by ensuring a predictable and stable regulatory environment conducive to a competitive market serving the consumers’ interests.”