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ICC Banking Commission launches questionnaire for 2017 Global Survey on Trade Finance

  • 28 March 2017
ICC Banking and Trade Finance

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission has released the questionnaire designed to gather data for its flagship annual trade finance report—urging banks globally to participate before the 20 April deadline.

One of the most comprehensive market intelligence publications, the report—entitled “Rethinking Trade & Finance”—provides a snapshot into the trade finance industry, allowing banks, traders and government officials to gauge global trade expectations.

The participation in this survey of banks providing trade finance will enable the ICC Banking Commission to analyse likely developments to the ever-changing landscape. The process of identifying the information required in the survey and submitting it to the ICC Banking Commission may also help banks comprehend their trade finance status against the market trends reported in ICC’s market intelligence report. Finally, participants who fully complete the questionnaire will be provided with an additional comprehensive data-rich report with the survey results, containing further more detailed information obtained from a deep exploration of the survey data.

The 2017 survey will delve into trade finance and supply chain finance key trends, strategy, evolution, as well as operational, product and sales-related areas. The Rethinking Trade & Finance report will also analyse the global architecture for trade – focusing on new patterns in international trade, new trade corridors, and structural and geographic changes in trade patterns, amongst other topics. To ensure the project’s strategic orientation and alignment with the complexity of the trade finance industry, the ICC Banking Commission has also created a new editorial board and strengthened its focus on delivering genuine market intelligence.

The questionnaire closes on 20 April and the report will be released in June 2017. Find out how to participate in the ICC Banking Commission’s Global Survey on Trade Finance.