ICC Arbitration Workshop for Arbitration Academy

  • 1 July 2013
ICC mediation

The Arbitration Academy kicks off today in Paris with its three-week Summer Course to students and young practitioners interested in the field, covering both international commercial arbitration and international investment arbitration.

The Summer Courses are given in Paris the first three weeks of July each year, and are offered in English. They include a 15-hour General Course (alternating each year between commercial and investment arbitration), five-hour Special Courses, Workshops and Seminars on institutional arbitration, as well as two Lectures open to the public, the Academy’s Inaugural Lecture and The Berthold Goldman Lecture on historic arbitration stories.

The 2013 session will include a General Course given by Professor David Caron on “International Investment Arbitration: The Perspective of the Arbitrator”. Special Courses will be taught by Professor Andrea Bjorklund, Professor Susan Franck, Professor Horacio Grigera Naón, Professor Alain Prujiner, and Professor Brigitte Stern.

The 2013 Workshops and Seminars will be offered by the ICC (José Ricardo Féris), ICSID (Paul Jean Le Cannu), DIAC (Nassib G. Ziadé) and the PCA (Brooks Daly).

The Inaugural Lecture, which is open to the public, is delivered by Judge Gilbert Guillaume on “The Financial Default of States Before the International Judge and Arbitrator”. On Tuesday 9 July, the Berthold Goldman Lecture on Historic Arbitration Stories, also open to the public, will be given by Yves Derains on the Chromalloy case.

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