ICC appoints new Vice-Chair ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation

  • 24 September 2014
ICC Leadership

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Luis Fernando Barbosa Sahagun as the new Vice-Chair of the Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation.

Mr Barbosa is a Partner at Global Business-Customs Solution Consulting Group (Mexico), a Member of the International Customs Law Academy in Spain, and a businessman in international trade and customs holding Board positions in several Mexican oil and gas companies.  As current Chairman of the ICC Mexico Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation, he liaises with the national authorities on behalf of the Mexican business community to improve the country’s customs and logistical operations and enhance trade facilitation.

Mr Barbosa has also served as Chief Executive Officer of the National Confederation of Custom Brokers of Mexico (CAAAREM), as general counsel of the Ibero-American Institute of Customs Agents (ASAPRA) and has held positions in several Committees of the Mexican Parliament; most notably as Chief Staff of the Commerce Committee where he was in charge of reviewing initiatives for new economic (amendments to) laws and codes of commerce, international trade practices and government economics programmes. In this capacity, Mr Barbosa successfully coordinated the amendment to the Mexican Commercial Code to introduce electronic signatures, thereby enabling secure e-commerce. Mr Barbosa was also a special advisor to the Chairman of the Mexican Commerce Committee on customs and foreign trade, electronic commerce, and dumping issues.

“The daily operations of customs result from multiple governmental and business processes: from the implementation of international trade agreements and  local laws and regulations, to the engagement of the different members of the supply chain – including the shippers of the goods, transport carriers, freight forwarders and customs brokers,” Mr Barbosa said. “Important improvements have been made to reduce procedural impediments to trade.  However, for cross-border trade to further prosper and lead to economic growth and job creation, it is fundamental that the customs agencies of the 21st century operate in the context of an increasing globalized world. It is therefore imperative that customs best practices are promoted, such as the implementation of electronic processes, to clear goods and improve risk management without affecting the flow and distribution of goods to markets.”

“The ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation stands to benefit greatly from Mr Barbosa’s broad expertise in areas relating to international trade, customs and logistics, as well as from his close relationships with chambers of commerce and industry representatives in Latin America,” said ICC Secretary General John Danilovich.

Mr Barbosa will work closely with current Chair of the Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation Norman Schenk who is Vice-President Global Customs Policy and Public Affairs at UPS and with the commission’s  other Vice-Chairs, Jean-Marie Salva and Oliver Peltzer.

The ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation has over 250 members from 25 countries. Commission members comprise customs, transport and logistics specialists from ICC member companies and business representative organizations. The central objective of the commission is to overcome trade barriers and ensure that the liberalization of global trade and investment has a positive impact at the level of the individual international trade transaction.

For more information on the Commission’s work, visit the ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation.