Centre of Entrepreneurship

ICC announces support to Moldova alongside government and private sector leaders

  • 16 May 2023

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has announced plans to open an ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) in Moldova, aiming to enable more small- and medium-sized entreprises in the country to trade and opening Moldova’s economy to global markets.

The ICC Centre will be established in Moldova to connect small- and medium-sized businesses – particularly those benefiting from USAID-led capacity building programmes in tech, agrifood and fashion – to global and regional supply chains. Benefitting from ICC work and Centres of Entrepreneurship already established in Eastern Europe – including Ukraine and Georgia – and tapping into ICC’s global network of businesses, national committees and chambers, the CoE will also support local initiatives to strengthen private sector resilience and market-based institutions in Moldova.

The establishment of a Moldova hub of the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship stems from discussions between ICC and USAID on how the global private sector can further advance USAID’s Democracy Delivers Initiative, which seeks to drive progress and support to countries experiencing windows of democratic opportunity. ICC CoE Director Gabriel Petrus joined President of Moldova Maia Sandu in Chicago at the Moldovan American Convention to announce the plans.

Commenting on the announcement, President Sandu said:

“We welcome the opening of the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Moldova as a gateway to global opportunities for our small-and medium-sized businesses. This collaboration will enable us to tap into international supply chains and expand our reach in key sectors, including technology and agribusiness. Through this partnership, we aim to enhance private sector resilience and develop market-based economy, driving progress and prosperity for Moldova.”

Speaking at the conference, organised by the Moldovan diaspora in the US and supported by USAID, Mr Petrus said:

“The CoE will enable entrepreneurs and smaller businesses in Moldova to harness the potential of trade and in turn create more sustainable livelihoods for Moldovan people and communities.”

One of the first programmes to be piloted out of the CoE in Moldova, will be the implementation of DHL’s GoTrade platform which aims to expand the reach and benefits of globalisation to connect people and improve lives.

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