ICC announces new leadership for the Environment and Energy Commission

  • 16 October 2012
ICC Leadership

ICC is pleased to announce Kersten-Karl Barth, Sustainability Director at Siemens AG, as new Chair of its Commission on Environment and Energy.

Mr Barth has worked at Siemens AG for almost 20 years and has held various positions across the company’s portfolio and geographical reach, including hydropower in Latin America, industrial energy efficiency in Europe, and field service for power plants worldwide. In his current position he focuses on the implementation of Siemens’ global sustainability programme.

“The private sector plays a key role in greening economies,” said Mr Barth upon accepting his new responsibility as Commission Chair. “It develops and diffuses the innovative products, processes, technologies and services that generate – and that will continue to generate – sustainable solutions. Our mandate is to continue to promote, develop and foster these solutions.”

Joining Mr Barth at the helm of the commission as Vice-Chairs are Martina Bianchini, Director of EU Government Affairs and Public Policy for the Dow Chemical Company and Chair of the ICC Task Force on Green Economy, and Wendy Poulton, General Manager for Organisational Strategy Eskom.

Mr Barth takes over from Laurent Corbier who has led the commission for six years. “I have had the great honour to chair this commission and am proud of what has been accomplished. I thank all members, officers and staff for their invaluable contributions,” said Mr Corbier. “In a world of increasing complexity and fragmentation, we have contributed to ICC’s high visibility and credibility in carrying a vision and principles that continuously enhance the way companies tackle environmental issues and undertake their business worldwide. I wish great success to my successor and trust that the new team will take this commission to new levels of constructive interaction that will help shape the future of business and our world.”