ICC and Egyptian PM express support for continuation of unique forum

  • 17 November 2009

Meeting on the sidelines of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Egypt this week, ICC Secretary General Jean Rozwadowski encouraged Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, and Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Tarek Kamel, to express their support of the forum as a unique venue of exchange on a wide range of Internet governance issues.

Vice Chairman of Tata Consultancy Services and Chair of the ICC initiative Business Action to Support the Information Society Subramanian Ramadorai joined Mr Rozwadowski for the private exchange that took place on the opening day of the forum.

“We are extremely encouraged by Prime Minister Nazif’s belief that the IGF must continue beyond it’s initial mandate, due to expire next year,” Mr Rozwadowski said.

Representing business, Mr Rozwadowski and Mr Ramadorai shared Mr Nazif’s view. They stated that the success of the IGF lies in its unique format, which sets governments, business, the technical community and so-called civil society on an equal footing to discuss a range of governance issues from Internet access and diversity to online security and privacy.

“This approach provides an opportunity for all Internet stakeholders to be heard but also to listen to the views of others,” said Mr Ramadorai. “This in turn leads to informed policy and decision making for the benefit all.”

Formerly the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr Nazif gave Egypt as an exemplary success story of a country whose innovation, entrepreneurship and investment-promoting ICT policies have resulted in significant economic growth. Expressing agreement on the importance of the forum’s unique format, he said: “The IGF is special because no one owns it.”

The IGF is taking place from in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt from Novemer 15-18. ICC BASIS coordinates business activity and input during the event to ensure its voice is heard.

Both Mr Rozwadowski and Mr Ramadorai delivered speeches highlighting key business messages to the opening ceremony of the forum.