ICC and Business for Peace Foundation ask: Are you businessworthy?

  • 31 January 2012

The International Chamber of Commerce and the Oslo-based Business for Peace Foundation are seeking outstanding business leaders who exemplify the Oslo Business for Peace Awards criteria of achieving business success while acting in an ethically responsible way.

Among the jury members responsible for selecting seven winners are Nobel Prize winners Mohammad Yunus, inventor of microcredit, and A. Micheal Spence, Professor Emeritus of Management at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and Board Member of the ICC Research Foundation.

The Business for Peace Awards aim to accelerate the development of ethical business practices through increasing awareness of the benefits of conducting business ethically. The vision is to inspire and encourage business people to foster peace and stability to the benefit of humanity.

An award ceremony will take place on 7 May 2012 in Oslo, Norway.

The Business for Peace Foundation was established in 2007 with the belief that socially responsible and ethical initiatives will stand the test as a business case and gradually, constitute an integral part of modern business culture.

ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier said: “ICC champions an open, global economy as a force for three fundamental ingredients for peace – economic growth, job creation and prosperity. We are proud to be a partner of the Business for Peace Awards and demonstrate that ethical business conduct is not only good for business but good for global living standards and good for peace.”

Previous recipients of the award include leaders and entrepreneurs from businesses large and small. They include Ratan Tata (India), Francis Yeoh (Malaysia), Venkataramani Srivathsan (Nigeria), Roberto Servitje Sendra (Mexico) Anders Dahlvig (Sweden) Mohammed Jameel (Saudi Arabia) Zhengrong Shi (China/Australia) and Josephine Okot (Uganda).

To submit a nomination for the award please complete the Business for Peace online registration form.

The deadline for nominations is 15 February 2012.

For more information please email wcf@iccwbo.org or visit the Business for Peace Foundation website.