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ICC Academy launches Training Recognition Service

  • 25 February 2016
ICC Trade Finance

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy has unveiled a new training recognition programme which will allow students to earn credits for ICC Academy certification programmes when they attend workshops, conferences and other events that focus on their area of study.

The Training Recognition Service forms an integral part of the ICC Academy’s professional development programmes-including the ground-breaking trade finance qualifications unveiled last year-and encourages professionals to diversify their learning experience outside of the Academy’s online courses.

One of the first accredited global events to take place will be the 4th ICC Supply Chain Finance Summit. This year’s Summit will look at the evolution of the supply chain financing market, focusing on issues such as the changing needs of SMEs, the implications of fintech, and the growth of renminbi dominated transactions. The Summit will also feature the launch of new standard industry terminology for the supply chain finance industry developed by ICC in collaboration with a range of leading industry bodies. Delegates at this event will receive 15 Professional Development Credits towards the ICC Academy’s Global Trade Certificate or the more advanced Certified Trade Finance Professional programme.

Accredited events throughout the world

As part of the Training Recognition Service, ICC’s network of national offices in almost 100 countries around the world will be enabled to provide high-quality in-person training and events in support of Academy programmes.

The first accredited local ICC event will be the ICC Germany Foreign Business Compact seminar, which will be held in Berlin on 27-28 April. This event will provide a comprehensive overview of financial instruments, methods of payment protection, Incoterms® Rules clauses, the correct use of payment and financing instruments, and associated legal issues. The seminar- aimed at beginners and experts alike-will be valid for nine PDCs under the Academy’s programmes.

The Training Recognition Service encourages ICC Academy members to take advantage of the many great workshops, seminars, conferences run by ICC and our partners.

“The Training Recognition Service encourages ICC Academy members to take advantage of the many great workshops, seminars, conferences run by ICC and our partners,” said Thierry Senechal, Senior Director of the ICC Academy. “Not only does this service enhance the diversity and local relevance of the education provided by the Academy, it also gives professionals a seal of approval they can trust when they come to choose an event or course in what is an increasingly crowded market.”

About the ICC Academy

The ICC Academy is a professional education initiative that utilizes digital learning platforms to provide the highest quality business education throughout the world. Its courses are developed and moderated by ICC’s unrivalled roster of senior business leaders and experts. The Academy’s first courses and certification programmes are focused on key trade finance products and techniques.

More information about the Training Recognition Service

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