ICANN: International Chamber of Commerce commends progress and encourages further advancement

  • 21 June 2010

As the ICANN international meeting begins in Brussels, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – with an active business participation in ICANN – has underlined the importance of ICANN’s success to date and encourages its continued progress.

ICANN is the international body responsible for managing the Domain Name System (DNS) – the global directory that organizes and administers Internet addresses.

ICC encourages ICANN to continue to develop procedures that will further facilitate transparency, accountability and the engagement of a broader range of stakeholders. Business across all sectors and regions rely on the stable, consistent and secure functioning of the DNS, and ICC reiterated its continued efforts to raise awareness and engage broader business in ICANN activities.

ICANN has active participation from across the Internet community. ICC looks forward to ICANN extending this participation in the near future by continually increasing ease of access to its forums and consultations.

Eric Loeb, Co-Chair of the ICC Task Force on Internet and Telecoms Infrastructure and Services and AT&T’s Vice President for International and Regulatory Affairs, said: “ICANN has a critical role in the successful development of the Internet. Through its continued efforts, it fulfils its public interest obligation to the Internet community. Representing the priorities of global business, ICC values the open and constructive exchanges of views with ICANN, which lead to responsible, balanced and practical policy.”

“Given its management of the DNS, ICANN has a special role in the constellation of organizations and procedures that constitute Internet governance. Given its particular role, ICC agrees that the focus on increased and effective transparency and accountability is critical,” he added. “ICC welcomes the interactions at the ICANN Brussels meeting with the Affirmation Review Team on Transparency and Accountability.”