Global business delivers input to ICC G20 Advisory Group

  • 9 June 2011
Hearing center ICC

The ICC G20 Advisory Group, recently launched by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), this week consulted with companies from around the globe, at a meeting held on the sidelines of the World Chambers Congress in Mexico City, to consolidate business positions on a host of issues for delivery at the upcoming G20 Summit.

Participants of the meeting included the Mexican Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Maria de Lourdes Aranda Bezaury, as well as ICC Vice-Chairman Harold McGraw III, who is also Chairman, President and CEO of The McGraw-Hill Companies, along with other CEOs and chambers of commerce leaders representing businesses large and small.
The ICC G20 Advisory Group is channelling its efforts ahead of the G20 Summit – being held in Cannes, France, on 3-4 November 2011 – to ensure that the interests of the private sector are taken into account by the G20 leaders in areas such as trade, economic growth and job creation.
“Getting input and recommendations straight from the private sector – which is creating jobs and opportunity around the world – is crucial for the economic success of the upcoming G20 Summit,” said Mr. McGraw. “The global business community is committed to working with the G20 to promote continued growth.”

ICC has started this consultation process in Mexico, and will repeat it with similar meetings in Doha, Hong Kong and Zurich. ICC in May launched the ICC G20 Advisory Group, which groups together business leaders and CEOs from major global corporations and SMEs worldwide.

“There is huge potential for business to contribute to the G20 policy process and bring about real change with concrete steps such as the liberalisation of trade, which could have a positive impact on millions of people,” said ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier.

The expanding policy of the G20 agenda directly affects business’s core goals for trade, economic growth and job creation. ICC aims to establish an ongoing public-private partnership to ensure that the input and priorities of companies driving the world economy are better reflected in government resolutions.

Companies from around Latin America have been very enthusiastic to take part in this process to make sure that the concerns of businesses in this region are brought to the table at the G20 Summit,” said Pierre Froidevaux Chavan, Chairman of ICC Mexico. “With Mexico hosting the next G20 Summit, it is critical that we begin integrating the views and priorities of Mexican businesses.”

Froidevaux highlighted the significance of Ms Aranda Bezaury’s participation in this consultation with business. “We are pleased to begin working with Ms Aranda Bezaury, one of the lead government officials in Mexico responsible for the G20 process, to ensure that policy developments are carried through with some continuity from this Summit to the next,” said Froidevaux.

The G20 Advisory Group policy work has been shaped to concentrate on the 2011 agenda of G20 issues as set by the host country France, as well as on priorities the Advisory Group wishes to see addressed. These are: