World Chambers Congress

Get a first glimpse of the 9th World Chambers Congress programme

  • 31 July 2014
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The countdown for the most awaited event in the chamber calendar has started ticking! The Congress team has been busy brainstorming lively debates and knowledge sharing for the ICC WCF 9th World Chambers Congress.

Next year’s plenary issues will spark up spirited discussions around the new global economy, and migration and sustainable resources, not to mention breakout workshops addressing the main trends behind doing business today such as technology platforms, good governance, SMEs and entrepreneurial development.

Our first plenary will be dedicated to the “New global economy”. Despite a slowdown in globalization, international economic integration has seen some advancements and chambers of commerce everywhere will play a critical role in ratifying and implementing the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement. With economies worldwide slowly emerging from the economic crisis, job creation and ensuring small business survival have become the focal point for many nations’ policy agendas. The discussions within this plenary will try to focus on sharing the lessons-learned and how business models have changed in order to reflect new societal realities.

One of the major benefits and consequences of globalization has been the increasing mobility of people. Economic and other forms of migration have reached new peaks in recent years, helping nations fill shortages of skilled local labour force, as people of all ages crossing borders in search of new economic prosperity. Looking to assess the impact of socio-economic migration trends, our second plenary will be dedicated to “Global mobility”. Within this plenary, we will be looking at how new immigration trends are impacting the world economy, labour markets and national policies everywhere. We will also be looking for ways in which globalization and regionalization can be reconciled.

Entitled “A sustainable world – food, water and energy”, our third plenary will address questions such as: how are SMEs adapting to climate change and the new paradigm of future resource availability, and how are chambers of commerce helping their businesses adapt to these future challenges? Local economies are being hit by changing environmental conditions and natural disasters, and new means are required to achieve sustainable economic growth.

To realize opportunities and to address challenges, ICC World Chambers Federation and the Torino Chamber of Commerce invite business and chamber leaders around the world to join us in Torino, to share success stories, advance best practices and increase know-how.

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