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FIB warns against spurious approaches

  • 12 April 2011
ICC Trade Finance

The ICC Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) has recently been made aware of a number of suspect approaches made by individuals purporting to be representing the organisation.

The calls, all reported by individuals in the United States, follow a similar pattern. The caller claims to be from the FIB and claims that the recipient of the call has defaulted on a non-existent loan. The caller goes on to add that failure to pay a sum of money to FIB will result in complications with their Social Security number and even jail time. These are spurious threats.

When challenged over their authority, the caller has been reluctant to release information. One reported instance saw the recipient call back, only to be greeted by the same person operating under a different name.

FIB makes no such approaches and any such calls from individuals purporting to be from the organisation are fraudulent. We urge recipients of these calls to report them to the police or other local authorities and to fib@icc-ccs.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

FIB does not have representatives around the world who are authorised to make calls in its name. Recipients of such calls are requested to check with the FIB to verify if the call is legitimate.

The Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) conducts enquiries and investigations into matters associated with money laundering, fraud and suspect documents. Members of FIB include the following:

• International Banks

• Financial Institutions

• National Financial Intelligence Units (FIU)

• National Regulatory & Oversight Authorities

• Law Enforcement Agencies

Through CCS, the FIB has bona fides status with the UK Home Office and with ICPO-INTERPOL, the international police organisation.