World Chambers Federation

Endorsement puts Nicolas Uribe on road to become WCF Chair

  • 25 May 2022

ICC’s World Chambers Federation has announced the election of Nicolas Uribe, President of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Chair of ICC Colombia for formal ratification as WCF Chair by the ICC World Council when it meets in June.

Marie-Christine Oghly, Vice-Chair in charge of International Affairs at the Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will become WCF Deputy Chair.

The announcement was made during a meeting of the World Chambers Federation General Council on 17 May by current WCF Chair Hamad Buamim. The mandate for the WCF Chair, if ratified by the ICC World Council, and the mandate for the WCF Deputy Chair will begin 1 July 2022.

“As the representative of chambers of commerce worldwide, it is important that WCF continues to lead, inspire and connect chambers through exemplary and diverse leadership. The leadership elections reflect our deliberations and goals to drive an inclusive and impactful WCF future for chambers everywhere,” said Mr Buamim.

Nicolas Uribe

Nicolás Uribe is a lawyer with studies in Colombia, the United States and Spain. He has held several positions in the public and private sectors, including as a Member of the House of Representatives and the High Presidential Counsellor for the Colombia Joven Programme (Young Colombia). He was also the CEO of an advisory firm on public relations, a professor at several universities, a newspaper columnist and radio commentator.

Mr Uribe is currently the Executive President of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, ICC World Chambers Federation Vice-Chair for Latin America and a member of several boards.

Mr Uribe said: “The complex economic and social context the world finds itself in calls for chambers of commerce to play an active role as true world business leaders. I will continue to work on consolidating WCF as a world-class business organisation through the consecration of chambers of commerce as economic and social development agencies. Our objective is to vindicate entrepreneurs and businesspeople as the main generators of equality in our society as well as help business work for everyone, every day, and everywhere.”

Marie-Christine Oghly

Having begun her career in the field of public relations, Ms Oghly went on to become General Manager of Amazon Technology, President of the French subsidiaries of Fluid Dynamics International and subsequently created EnginSoft France, a company specialising in engineering and numerical simulation. Ms Oghly is a member of the Executive Board of Medef National and social welfare group Klesia. She is also President of the Women Business Leaders association which unites women business owners worldwide.

Formal ratification of the ICC Chair will take place on 14 June during a hybrid meeting of the ICC World Council. In June, WCF will also launch a call for World Council candidates with a focus on improving gender balance in line with ICC gender diversity commitments.