Early-bird cut off imminent for Substantive Applicable Law conference

  • 1 October 2013
Appointing authority

Are arbitrators free to ascertain the applicable rules of law independently from the parties? Are they bound by the judicial precedents established by the courts of the country in which the law applies?

These, and other pertinent questions relating to proof, interpretation and application of substantive rules by arbitrators, will be the focus of the 33rd Annual Meeting of the ICC Institute of World Business Law to be held in Paris on 5 December.

Lawyers, arbitrators, magistrates, academics and corporate counsel have until the 4 October 2013 to take advantage of an early bird registration fee and guarantee their place at this specialist conference that will help them tackle issues arising in the context of the application of the substantive law by arbitrators.

Organized under the auspices of the ICC Institute of World Business Law the conference, entitled “International Arbitration and Substantive Applicable Law” aims to analyze and discuss the spectrum of issues that arise in the context of the application of the substantive law by arbitrators including how arbitrators should deal with possible contradictions between the applicable law and the clauses agreed by the parties in their contract as well as in cases where the applicable rules of law are in conflict with the reasonable expectations of parties engaged in international business.

The conference will take place in French and English with simultaneous translation and will be pertinent to any professional involved in international trade and dispute resolution.

The Institute’s Annual Meeting is the occasion for legal experts to deliberate a topical issue and the event’s resulting doctrine is slated for compilation in ICC’s annual “Dossiers of the Institute” series. All registered participants of the 2013 Annual Meeting will receive a complimentary copy. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting on “Third Party Funding in International Arbitration” will be made available shortly from the ICC Business Bookstore.

The one-day conference will conclude with an award ceremony for the 2013 ICC Institute Prize created with the aim of contributing to the understanding and progress of international commercial law around the world.

This year’s winner, whose name has not yet been announced, will be presented with a cheque for €10,000, for his/her outstanding thesis in the field of international commercial law,  by Yves Derains, Chairman of the ICC Institute of World Business Law and H. Ercüment Erdem, Chairman of the Jury.

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