Corsair becomes the latest airline to pilot ICC AOKpass

  • 5 March 2021

Corsair will pilot ICC AOKpass on flights between Paris and the French Overseas Territories of Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort de France, Reunion Island and Mayotte.

The Corsair airline has announced the launch of a pilot of the ICC AOKpass application. on its links between Paris and overseas. The ICC AOKpass is the secure digital health certificate based on blockchain technology, launched by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International SOS/MedAire and SGS. Thanks to the app, passengers travelling from Paris to Pointe-à-Pitre (PTP), Fort de France (FDF), Reunion Island (RUN) and Mayotte (DZA) will now be able to securely authenticate the results of their COVID-19 test with their airline while maintaining the confidentiality of their personal health data. The pilot will start the third week of March 2021.

Current regulations require travellers leaving for overseas destinations to carry out a COVID-19 PCR test, within 72 hours before their departure. With this pilot, passengers will be able to store and certify the results of their PCR tests on the mobile application, for verification at the airport. The verification of the authenticity of the tests is made possible by the blockchain technology on which the ICC AOKpass application is based, a decentralised and incorruptible storage technology. This technology is used to certify the validity of tests and their compliance with government regulations.

Julien Houdebine, Sales and Marketing Director of Corsair, said: “It is essential for us to protect the health of our passengers, to guarantee the security of their information and to offer them a pleasant travel experience. ICC AOKpass addresses these three key challenges, and this pilot will benefit from the support of our trusted medical partner, MedAire. We are convinced that the deployment of these tests will be of great benefit to our customers by making the journey to the airport easier and faster. “

Bill Dolny, Chairman and CEO of MedAire, a subsidiary of International SOS specialising in support for the aviation and maritime sectors, continues: “We are very pleased to be supporting Corsair with the pilot of ICC AOKpass and helping passengers to resume travel. The app, and the extensive network of laboratories that supports it, has already been used to process hundreds of health passes wih partner airlines and airports since September 2020. We look forward to working with Corsair to make this another successful implementation and step towards our collective industry goal to open the skies with safe travel once again.”

John W.H. Denton AO, ICC Secretary General, said: “We are extremely proud to partner with CorsAir to pilot ICCAOKpass on flights between Paris and the French Overseas Territories of Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort de France, Reunion Island and Mayotte. By establishing testing and contract tracing requirements, ICC AOKpass creates a safe and secure environment for passengers travelling in the age of COVID-19. We recognise that vaccines are only part of the solution and that digital tools – like ICC AOKpass – will be essential in halting the spread of the virus.”