Business seeks greater input into ICANN’s transition

  • 4 August 2008

ICC’s Commission on E-Business, IT and Telecoms (EBITT) and Task Force on Internet and Telecoms Infrastructure and Services (ITIS) today called for greater business participation in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is undergoing transformation.

“We see a need for deeper engagement by business people and for a wider array of business perspectives so broader business interests are taken into account,” said Gordon Moir, Chair of the ITIS task force and General Counsel at BT Retail.

In June, the Internet domain name and addressing organization launched a public consultation on its transition action plan to become an independent, private sector-led organization with a global presence, which will take effect sometime after its Joint Project Agreement with the US Department of Commerce ends; expected in December 2009.

ICC made its appeal to ICANN as part of a wider commentary on ICANN’s transition action plan.  ICC pinpointed several items needing further clarification and elaboration, including:

“The global business community is keenly interested in ICANN’s continued evolution,” said David Appasamy, Vice Chair of the ITIS Task Force and Chief Communications Officer for Sify Technologies of India.

He added: “Business from around the world counts on the stable and secure functioning of the Internet and the domain name system. ICC members are sharing their expertise with ICANN at this pivotal moment in its transition to an independent organization with a global presence.”

ICANN will review all comments, revise its transition action plan, and call for another round of feedback by mid-October. The second phase of comments will be discussed at ICANN’s next international public meeting in Cairo, from 2 to 7 November.