Climate change

Business pays tribute to outgoing UN NGO liaison officer in Bali

  • 7 December 2007

Business representatives attending the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bali were up to a bit of mischief on Thursday when they called for a meeting with Barbara Black, NGO liaison officer for the UNFCCC, to purportedly discuss the myriad of technical problems with the rooms for their side events.

Ms Black said she was “gobsmacked” when she turned up for the “meeting” to find that she was actually the guest of honour at a surprise farewell party attended by some 150 members of business and other non-governmental organizations.

Ms Black, who will retire at the end of February after more than seven years as the NGO liaison officer, is widely credited as being one of the people who has opened channels for business and other groups to be substantially engaged in UNFCCC activities.

“She created a space for all of us, not just to support the UNFCCC process to the delegation, but also to work with one another in partnership,” said Norine Kennedy, Vice-President, Environmental Affairs, United States Council for International Business and a member of ICC’s Commission on Environment and Energy. On behalf of ICC, Ms Kennedy presented Ms Black with a Tiffany glass globe at the farewell reception.

The reception was hosted by the International Emissions Trading Association at the Grand Hyatt Bali, where all the official NGO side events are being held.

Ms Black’s successor has not yet been named.