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Business calls for enhanced cooperation on supply chain security rules

  • 27 October 2005

ICC is calling for greater coordination among public authorities on the implementation of supply chain security rules.

At its recent meeting, ICC’s Commission on Transport and Logistics expressed concern about di ffering advance cargo information requirements, coupled with sometimes impracticable demands on companies to police the operations and processes of their international trading partners.

ICC says that the global nature of transport requires that appropriate security regulations and standards be achieved through international consultation and consensus.  In addition, trade facilitation, through the simplification of procedures, can go a long way in delivering the quality and infrastructure necessary for efficient security controls.

According to the Chair of ICC’s Commission on Transport and Logistics, Johannes Fritzen: “We believe that effective security measures are needed to ensure that the international transportation system is protected from acts of terrorism. But international standards and measures should aim at compatibility, simplicity and ease of deployment from country to country. There will be counterproductive effects if companies are faced with many different and conflicting national approaches to improved security”.

The ICC Commission on Transport and Logistics promotes intermodal transport, and competitive, efficient transport markets worldwide.